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Back in time

Step back in time to the decades with unique and fantastic iconic styles. Each class will take a memorable journey to a point in history, giving children a chance to dance and be inspired by different dance styles from the past. Learning key elements that schools need to inspire their curriculum specific subject.

Bring the past to life

Use our workshops to liven up different periods and eras. Whether that be dancing right back to historic balls, an inspirational performing arts class about WW2, a specific dance decade for its popular crazes or a mashup of the evolution of them all. You may just want a special treat for the whole school to dress up for the day in a certain era.

Whatever your needs, this fantastic learning experience is sure to be memorable and can always be tailored to fit each individual nursery or school’s learning requirements.

Our Workshops

We use a range of acting techniques, music and dance, and customise each session to suit the interests and age of the children. With so many periods and iconic styles over the years, this list is not exhaustive so please contact us for a specific theme, craze or era that you require.

A point in History





Rock and Roll


Flower power


70s Dance style

80s Dance style

90s Dance style

2000s Dance crazes

2010s Dance crazes

2020s Latest

Evolution of Dance

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