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Themed & Specialised

Our specialist themed workshops are a glimpse into how Funstar can work creatively alongside your school by supporting the curriculum through performing arts.

We aim to nurture children's creativity holistically through dance, singing and acting to encourage, inspire, build confidence, self-esteem, self-expression, communication and teamwork.

Bespoke workshops

Each session is customised to suit the interests and age of the children. They could become astronauts in space exploration, dance with our vibrant Chinese dragon for New Year, or around our maypole in Spring, fly like a butterfly in animal life cycles, make diving discoveries under the sea, explore the depths and sounds of the jungle, become a confident ringmaster in the circus, stomp and roar like a dinosaur, lose themselves in the beautiful sound of the seasons and weather, enjoy learning numbers from famous musicals or opening a book and letting the imagination run wild on world school book day. The options are endless and can be tailored and adapted to support your core subjects and topics.

Our Workshops

Each workshop concludes with an awe-inspiring, energetic performance moment, so get the camera ready for when the children perform aspects of their work to themselves and their teachers. This list is not exhaustive so, please contact us for a specific theme or interest that you require.

Space Exploration

Musical Theatre Shows

Chinese New Year


May Day

(Maypole and Morris dancing)


(Creative mindfulness)

Animal life cycles

Under the sea




Seasons & weather

Storybook inspired dance

(ideal for world book day)

Iconic dance hits

(from the movies)

A point in History

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